This is the only official homepage of the magician Philippe Maurer alias Magic Mauri. Let your magic dream come true and enter the magic zone of Philippe Maurer.


At the age of 5, Philippe discovered the fascination of magic illusions when he saw his first magic show at the Bernhard Theater in Zurich. The trick he was most perplexed about, was the effect with the magic rings (his dream was to perform this trick one day). After this show Philippe got his first magic set (Hardy's Kinderzauberkasten) and a book with the basics of prestidigitation. After one week he knew to perform every trick of the magic set and he was no longer interested in. At this time Philippe began to look at the pictures (because he couldn't read at this time) of the book he also got. He also always watched spellbound uncle Fritz (no joke!) when he performed his favourite gag with the mouse (made of a handkerchief). When Philippe was 10, magic moved to background and he mainly was interested in soccer. This continued and changed only when he was playing poker at lunchtime at the age of 16. From this moment, he began to learn everything about cards and he read the whole book he got at the age of 5. He also was performing the tricks he had learned, most prefered on his vaccations in hotels and also when playing card games. After closeup cards tricks, Philippe began to learn the grips of card manipulation and he also began to learn the trick of the magic rings to fulfil his childhood dream. From this time, he has also done his first performances with stage and close-up magic, but he always combined the two lines of magic. Since 1993 he is performing a stage show of 25 minutes and close-up illusions from table to table (with cards, coins, sponge balls and rubber bands). Philippe Maurer amazes the people not with big illusions on big distances but with event magic amid and with the audience. In 1999 Philippe went to the United States and graduated at a magic school for manual dexterity and prestidigitation. In Orlando 2001 and in San Diego 2002 he competed at the annual convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in the stage contest and also entered the most prestigious close-up magic competition in the world with the toughest audience in all of magic. He is internationally known for his real one-handed cut in the air. Philippe is member of different magic organizations including "The International Brotherhood of Magicians", "The Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle, Hollywood)", "The Magic Circle", the "Chavez Studio of Magic" and the "International Magicians Society".


Philippe Maurer's stage show is about 25 minutes. You'll see appearing and vanishing silks, card-manipulations, an escaping routine, the chinese rings, a humorous trick with a rope, an incredible trick with an actual newspaper and an unusual card-prediction. The audience will also be involved in most of the tricks.

The show of Philippe Maurer can be done with and without music. Also there is not absolutely needed a stage, only a table (about 30x30cm or bigger) is needed.


With cards, coins, rubber-bands, sponge-balls, etc. Philippe Maurer will amaze you. He will move from table to table and present you from nearest distance and surrounded by the guests his close-up magic performance.

It's so close that you even will feel the magic.

Magic around the world

In 2011 Philippe made a magic trip around the world. He performed magic for local people in each country as a gift for the hospitality granted. Every moment he tried to make a magic one. It's so beautiful when magic raises a smile and hope. Philippe even met people who never have seen a magician live and were very excited to enjoy the magic effect. He performed on the streets for poor people, in a shopping center, on a market place, in a shuttle, in the airplane, in a gondola, on a boat, in a restaurant, on the top of a mountain, on a tower, at the beach, etc. And he also got a lot of applause in the basement of The Magic Castle the mecca of magic. He also visited magicians, magic shops and magic shows in different countries. Magic has no limits and no borders and just one visual language. A thank-you also to all people who made the magic travel unforgettable. And of course it was a good opportunity to improve the magic at each destination.


Below you will find an extract of Philippe's magic dreams. I am sure you will enjoy it!

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